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Boiler Servicing



Why should you have your boiler serviced every year? A full strip down, clean, and service of the boiler will ensure:-

Regular service and maintenance ensures that the boiler runs more efficiently, using less oil and saving you money.
Reduces the risk of inconvenient and costly breakdowns.
Boiler life should be extended.
Testing the levels of harmful Carbon monoxide (CO).
Boiler safety is paramount.
Genuine parts are always used, and guaranteed.

Our service schedule comprises of:-
Burner unit removed and striped.
Combustion chamber and baffles cleaned and checked.
Nozzle removed and correct specification nozzle installed.
Electrodes cleaned, checked and re-set.
Fan assembly cleaned and oil pump rotation checked.
Oil lines checked for age and replaced as necessary.
Filters cleaned or replaced.
Flue checked for operation and safety.
Oil pump pressure checked and adjusted.
Flue gasses analysed and adjusted with customer print out.

Oil fired up are willing to look after your annual servicing needs, ensuring that your appliance is well cared for, and runs at its optimum performance.



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45 Brummel Way, Paulton, Bristol, BS39 7XG